There are several ways to install app.

  • AWS Marketplace

  • Docker installation

  • Shared hosting installation

AWS Marketplace

There is an AWS Marketplace prebuild app:

Docker installation

  • Make sure you have Docker, Docker-compose, Git, Makefile installed

  • Git clone

  • Run

$ make init

Shared hosting installation

  • Download an app (download zip or git clone) to your web directory so your webserver should use /public/index.php

  • Copy .env file to .env.local

  • Fill database parameters in .env.local with your MySQL credentials

$ composer install
$ ./bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate -n
  • To create Admin user run

$ ./bin/console app:create-user --admin
  • (Optionally) If your server webroot is not /public directory you could create symlink to it. For example, if your server configured for /public_html directory, run

$ ln -s ~/sesdashboard/public ~/sesdashboard/public_html